Caramel and Crystal

She knew. That the smile on her face had descended to her heart. Her laughter was the sun shining even on a stormy day. Especially on a stormy day.

She no longer walked. She waltzed through her day. Her laughter was like the tinkle of crystal bells dancing in the rain.

I called her name. She looked over her shoulder, threw her head back. The caramel hues of her eyes gleaming like polished brass.

And then she laughed. Again. Her laughing eyes turned to look at me. Her eyes spoke a language I did not speak. We shared a wordless conversation. And then she was gone.

The music of her eyes a haunting melody that still follows me.



False Dreams he said.
Isn't that what dreams are.
Fallen stars.
Not without her he said.
Where do I fit in?

You took me to the moon.
Now you're back he said.
I close my eyes.
Feelings rush up.
I choke.
Unshed tears.
Is there hope?

Maybe he said.
Maybe not.
I whisper.
I still love you.
I know. he said.

Do you?
I wonder.
Reality shatters dreams.
Dream on.


Shadows of the sun

The air smells like the apple in my hand. Crisp, sharp, green. The white lilies turn to smile at me as they dance their jovial dance.

Rain drop pearls clinging to them like a child enjoying a horse back ride. The smell of rain mixing with the sweet scent of flowers.

The sun plays peek-a-boo from behind the clouds. The dust particles dance in the beam of the golden sunlight.

The empty landscpae comes alive with the gentle twitter of sparrows. Paper boats float in puddles. Rain rain come again. This is how I want to play.



I look at him as I lie in the crook of his arm. Peace. The soft rise and fall of his chest as he drifts gently into sleep.

His eyelashes as they almost touch his cheek.He softly sighs.

I resist the temptation to breathe. To think. I wonder if he heard them. The voices in my head.

He moves. Encircles me closer.

His eyes are open now. He smiles. His voice husky with sleep he says, " Hello!"

Laughter begins to bubble at my throat. The twinkle moves from my eyes and settles in my heart. He had me before hello.